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Welcome, Meal Ticket!

A new neighbor!

Meal Ticket is the newest addition to the neighborhood after moving into a suite at 1555 Shoreline Drive at the start of April. Its mission is to enable every foodservice manufacturer and distributor in North America to achieve their business goals through insights and data analytics.

Meal Ticket is a software company created to fill significant gaps in the foodservice industry. Prior to Meal Ticket, sales reps walked into restaurants missing account penetration opportunities, food shows were run on pen and paper, and food left distributors’ warehouses without manufacturers understanding where it went.

Meal Ticket’s software solutions are designed to bring clarity to these challenges, among many others, helping foodservice distributors and manufacturers make smart business decisions leveraging data and technology.

Since its founding in Boise in 2011, Meal Ticket has grown from 2 to 45 employees.

Meal Ticket serves the Foodservice industry nationwide and, as of January 2020, managed over $40 billion in annualized sales transactions for its customers.

Other News:

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May 24, 2021