River Shore Development is proud to call Midtown home. Learn more about Midtown Boise.

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Here, the city blends harmoniously with the area’s celebrated outdoor recreation. And nowhere is this more evident than Shoreline Drive in Midtown, where riverfront offices feel “away from it all” despite being two minutes from I-84 and the downtown core. It’s special. Just like Boise. We’re honored to be a part of this area’s bright future and welcome you to be part of the journey.


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Riverfront. Mountain view. Startups. Industry leaders. It’s all here — and all less than two minutes from downtown Boise, Interstate-184, and the Boise River.

And now, you can be part of it. Contact us to learn about unique leasing and development opportunities ranging from expandable modern offices to versatile flex space, including a commercial kitchen.

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Committed to Boise — and to Creating
Places That Matter.

River Shore Development was founded by two longtime Boise families whose passion for Boise – and this neighborhood – run deep. We’ve built buildings, businesses and families here. And now, we’re reimagining how the largest contiguous properties in downtown Boise can be managed and developed to serve and enhance our neighborhood.

River Shore Development is led by long-time community leader, and Boise Director of Planning and Development Services, Derick O’Neill and former investment management consultant Megan Rebholtz. Both are committed to their company mission of creating communities of exceptional and lasting value that are inclusive, provide a strong sense of place, and respect the environment.


Rich Past. Vibrant Future.


Just south of River Street, set along the Boise River on the edge of downtown Boise, Midtown is a neighborhood with a 100-year legacy — a legacy as one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city. We’re proud to call this neighborhood home.

Here, the homes and businesses of hard-working families still stand tall along the streets, each filled with a story of its own. It’s a place where tradition, hard work, and caring are woven deep into the fabric of a close-knit community. Read our neighborhood story.